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Youtube gamers play a different game or a different part of a game every video, or at least the good ones do. But YouTube offers a filter called Restricted Mode that limits the iffy stuff. Thinknoodles is a good choice because he has family friendly videos. There is a lot of good channels on youtube but some of the channels you have to be a little careful. Completely inappropriate that he would even be mentioned on this great website.
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A Parent's Ultimate Guide to YouTube

What happens when they are no longer in our jurisdiction, so to speak? But YouTube itself offers several ways to home in on quality content. Jacksepticeye- He swears and is loud but that's what I love about him but his gaming videos are quality you can really tell how much he cares about his fans Colliscool- Her channel is very relatable and funny but she does swear but srsly she's great Troye Sivan- Swears every now and then but is really friendly and inspirational. Parents should have to read comments! The horror games are more for older children. I wouldn't prefer your kids to watch his older videos, where he swears a little bit, but his newer videos mostly Roblox are kid friendly. Thinknoodles is a really good kid friendly youtuber to watch. I would recommend that kids under ages 10 should Have YouTube Kids and be supervised constantly. My 8-year old and I have been working on a Minecraft gaming channel more geared toward children.
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There are tons of ads on YouTube. A lot of good channels get blocked out with the safety option enabled. Teens receive a version just for them with the latest reviews and top picks for movies, video games, apps, music, books, and more. Any responsible adult will agree that youtube is a dangerous platform for kids, with zero security. Search by Age and Topic By age Preschoolers Sex in the Media. Phil doesn't swear in his videos and if someone else does he bleeps it except for the occasional h word, which isn't often, unless Dan is with him.
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Description:But be prepared to watch some weird stuff such as unboxing videos. It's a much more valuable skill to discern what messages are good, bad and ludicrous on your own when your parents are no longer there to micromanage your thoughts. Media and Body Image. A lot of good channels get blocked out with the safety option enabled. I really enjoy Game Theory, the host Matthew Patrick MatPat , never swears in his theory videos unless is the occasionally h-word which I really don't see as a swear word. There is A LOT of dangerous and influential youtube content being produced by personalities who negatively impact kids and young teens. And if you only watch things on a few select channels is that in the home screen it will mostly be things from that channel! Besides, who says we need to keep our kids in some hermetically sealed bubble where the only perspective they gain is from us? Many kids naturally want to share the videos they like. If you are against swearing or if you have a young child, I would suggest AmazingPhil and iiSuperwomanii.

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